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A well written business appraisal report should contain the following:

An introduction, including the purpose and use, the standard of value, description of what is being appraised, and limiting conditions.

An economic analysis and industry section.

An analysis and description of the subject business including its history and future prospects.

A financial analysis of the subject company.

A financial forecast including assumptions used.

A discussion of the valuation process and methods used including a detailed explanation of how each method utilized was applied.

A description of any applicable discounts or premiums applied including justification for amounts selected.

A reconciliation of indicated values developed from the various business appraisal methods utilized. 

The professional qualifications of the appraiser showing that the appraiser has the qualifications and experience necessary to perform   business appraisals.

Exhibits showing historical financial information, projections, and other information used in preparing the business appraisal.

Contents Of A Typical Comprehensive Business Appraisal Report
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